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About Team Reality

At Team Reality, we are passionate about parkour and dedicated towards the development of young practitioners. Our gym is purpase-built and professionally designed to provide the optimum application of parkour practice. We believe that parkour is not just a sport. it's a discipline that teaches you to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life Our team of experienced coaches are committed to providing a safe and fun environment for all our members. Come join us and ler's push our boundaries together!

We originally formed Team Reality in 2007, as we had started travelling together and wanted to be recongnised as a group. 
This eventually grew into wanting our own space that we could host workshops and have a safe place to practice parkour. 

Over the years we had great opportunities and help with teaching in many places within the cleethorpes and grimsby area. 
As we began to grow as a team, brand and our students levels increased we outgrew these locations. 

In 2020 we took the plunge into having our own purpose built facility that would be accessable all year round and allow us to take our teaching to the next level. This all came to fruition in february of 2020 when we moved into the facilty we are still at in Grimsby.

For anymore information head over to our social media pages or drop us at email: [email protected]