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This weeks video of the week is Hawaiian Vibes which showcases parkour and good times on a trip through Hawaii, Munich, and Switzerland. This video shows good power and technique aswell as a lot of creative movements. Links to the video and to the youtube channel are given below.


Date Posted: 2013-08-29

This weeks video of the week is 'On My Way' from Max Henry of America. In this video we see a display of both Great Power and Technique in all aspects of parkour and freerunning. A link to the video and a link to his channel is provided below.


Date Posted: 2013-07-26

Last week saw our Junior Jumpers class complete and recieve their Level 1 Parkour Certificates.

(From Left: Kieran, George, Max, Daniel, Beau, Ella and Caitlin)

These certificates are created by Team Reality for the purpose of giving students something to aim for plus it also gives the students something to take back to their parents so show them what their hard work and determination has rewarded them.

The idea behind these certifcates is to try and rid parents and other people of the stigma that we go out jumping on roofs. As many of the practisioners know, this is not the case. We all apprectiate and respect our environments to much to be causing trouble or any vandalism, if objects are vandalised then we can not use them for our own freedom of expression throughout our given terrain.

Date Posted: 2013-07-16

Here is a little video to show you what goes on during one of our Parkour classes.
We have 5 qualified coaches who teach within safe environments on a regular basis throughout the Cleethorpes and Grimsby Area.

This video highlights some of the students we have been teaching over the past year. 

For any further information about these sessions please visit our ABOUT page...



Date Posted: 2013-07-16

This weeks video of the week is by none other than Pip Andersen. In this video we see him making the most out of a few smaller spots showing great creativity and having a fun time.

Below you can see a link to the video and a link to his youtube page.


Date Posted: 2013-07-12

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