Nissan Torque Show Sunderland

Date Posted: 2013-06-18

This Weekend saw a last minute trip to Sunderland for Team members Neil and Danny to take part in a collabrative show for the Nissan Torque event at their offices in the North of England. Leaping around in their normal style alongside trials riders Joe and Matt from and the awesome BMX team from throwing down on the jumpbox and flatland. 4 Jam packed shows, 3 coaching sessions and the hoards of extreme sports fans kept the boys busy all day. The rig was the best the team has ever seen with great opportunities for free running and trials.

The Torque show deffinitely lived up to it's name with big Moto x, drifting demonstrations, street bike stunts and much more. Big shout out to our old Friends Josh Briars, Andy Heart, Lee Musselwhite, Tom Hooper and new friends Joe Seddon and Matt Pengelly truly some talented cyclists!




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