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Date Posted: 2013-02-28

So it has been a long and occasionally frustrating road over the last 2 years but now the realisation of all our hard work is upon us!

Nearly 24 months ago we approached our friend Adam Johnston (part of the Specialist Health Promotion team at the N.E.Lincs council) after being inspired by the many Parkour parks beginning to spring up around the world with the dream of attaining our very own facility here in Grimsby. We cannot thank Adam enough as he has managed this project from the start, initially finding funding we would be eligible for and then jumping through the many boring paperwork filled hoops required to secure the money for our project.

A grand total of £57,000 was raised from the Council, WREN (waste recycling environmental ltd) and the Police Commissioner for Humberside. After much deliberation and many design meetings a final design was put together with input from many local practitioners over several months. We are very happy with the final design which is completely bespoke, maximises our budget and offers good progressions for all abilities. 

This now put the project into maybe the most frustrating stage, from gaining the funding it took Adam and ourselves almost 6 months to persuade councillors to approve the build of the facility. There were stages when we were starting to think we would have to send all of the money back and our dream would be crushed. Eventually with help from the local community group Friends of the Freshney, local councillor Ros James and the Police the plans were approved and a build date was set.

The whole team is now quivering with anticipation after seeing the park appear over the last 4 days, we are now itching to get our hands on the shiney new facility which will be officially opened this Saturday the 2nd of March at 10 am. Let us know on facebook if you are attending!

For pictures of the build process see our album here.

See you all at the Duke of York Gardens on Saturday!

Date Posted: 2013-02-15

Want a bigger jump? Of course you do! To make this happend you need more POWER. Neil has posted an article about 'Power Development' to the training section, to read the full article follow the link below:

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